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A sound experience 

A sound experience

A sound healing is an invitation to return to wholeness. To be present in stillness and connect with the truth of your authentic self. It is a meditative experience where you are bathed in magical and cosmic sounds, which work to remove blocks that prevent you from expressing your full potential.

Sound resonance can help to release stress, heal trauma, reduce negative emotions, thoughts and fears, and ease tension in the body. It can also imbue a greater presence and awareness, promote energy and vitality, and bring a sense of freedom.



You already have everything inside of you that you need to become the extraordinary person you were put on this planet to be. Now is the time to live your truth and empower your essence to be free to thrive.


Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, or looking for guidance to overcome obstacles or manage life in a more sustainable way, Jason offers one-on-one mentoring to help you navigate your way.

This opportunity delves deeper into what you are experiencing, to receive insight and wisdom to connect you to your own power and healing, and awaken you to your true calling.

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“Working with sound healing has been an extraordinary shift to leave my doubts behind and accept life for exactly what it has planned for me. I couldn’t have done this without Jason, and I am so very grateful to have shared in his wisdom.” 


— L.B.


“Jason’s sessions lead me back to life, to the essence of connection that we all are, always. The sonic experience was extremely beautiful in itself and Jason is so gifted.

It seemed to clear me on an energetic and cellular level.

I am energetically in the present and very much alive.” 




You made our team meeting such a memorable one.

The members were so blown away by the power of your sound therapy/healing that everyone came out buzzing.  

— J.F.

While in the space

As you arrive, you are welcomed into the sound studio. The space is architecturally designed to inspire a sense of peace and to enhance the acoustics of your sound journey. Each session begins with a question: What do you need in this present moment?

From this point you will go on a unique journey in which you are asked to be fully present and connect with your inner wisdom. 

While you lie on the Sound Sculpture, Jason will play the strings under the table, enabling you to feel the vibrations and attune to its specific celestial frequency.


A range of other instruments will be played along with the sound of Jason's voice. It is a meditative,  relaxing experience, welcoming and supportive of any emotions that may arise.

The sound experience ends with a period of silence in which you can absorb the healing vibrations. We close with a conversation to reflect on any insights or feelings you may have experienced during the journey. It is recommended that you have a quiet day following the session, so the benefits can be fully integrated.

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While in the space

Jason Friedlander


”My intention was to awaken

to the truth of who I am”.



Jason consciously started his journey over 16 years ago. He has trained in many healing modalities and extensively travelled the world to access knowledge held at sacred sites and work with the Shamans and Wisdom Keepers — the holders of ancient knowledge. 

It was on a trip to Easter Island where he first heard the messages held by the winds, and the study of Breath, Yoga and the Buteyko Technique prepared him to learn the didgeridoo. Playing the didgeridoo awakened his gift as a Sound Healer, and has provided numerous opportunities to play around the World. Currently he utilises a range of instruments, including a unique Sound Sculpture created by master sound healer, Stefan Dunkle. 

His personal spiritual practice is inspired by the seminal teachings of The Course of Miracles; particularly the work of Joel S. Goldsmith and Wim Haverkamp. While forever continuing his own journey of self-discovery and quest for a deeper understanding of truth, Jason utilises the gift of sound to assist people in healing deep trauma and to awaken to their authentic truth.


“I look forward to assisting you to awaken

to your true calling, to show what is

possible when one gets out of one’s head

and lives fully from the heart” .

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Sound and vibration can help to remove blocks

that prevent our essence from expressing its full potential.

When we attune with Nature, the present is full of gifts

and experiences that make life amazing.

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